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The TSL add-on allows us to deliver targeted ads to your browser, appearing at the bottom of your screen, and will be relevant to the "title" field you chose on registration. In exchange for allowing us to display these ads your technical support will be provided at no cost to every member of your practice that installs our add-on. Should you choose to act on any of our partner's products via an ad you'll be elegible for special promotions and discounts available in our marketplace.

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From here you can open a support ticket, schedule a time with an engineer, or jump directly into a queue and see if there's an engineer available right now!

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Whether you have a personal medical emergency, need to get information to help a patient or you just want to brush up...

Medical practices move health IT to cloud

What the numbers mean

Lower upfront costs, outsourcing options among factors driving physicians toward cloud-based EHRs and PM software.